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Student Spotlight

Marleigh Gordon - Suncoast Technical Cosmetology Student

Marleigh Gordon
Suncoast Technical Cosmetology Student

Marleigh Gordon

The month of May is bitter sweet to us over here at Suncoast Technical Education Center. Graduation is this month and Marleigh Gordon from our Cosmetology program is one of our graduates. It is bitter because we will be sad to see Marleigh leave the program. But oh so sweet because she is graduating and the sky is the limit for this graduate! Marleigh started this program as a very shy homeschool high school graduate and is leaving this program a confident artistic soon to be cosmetologist.

Marleigh is an artist at her core. I’m not just talking about her cosmetology skills. SunTech’s own Salon logo was created by Marleigh. She is a true artist and it shows in everything she does. She said that her time in this program was very beneficial to her. Not only did it help her open up and be able to interact with her clients but with her art work as well. She has so much appreciation and thinks the world of both her teachers, Ms. Leonard and Ms. Poteet. She gives them credit with how much she has really opened up. Coming from a homeschool environment to a full service salon opened to the public was a bit unnerving. The best example she can give about how much she has grown is from one of her teachers, Ms. Poteet. From the first day she entered class she was not only teaching her skills in cutting and styling hair but life lessons as well. Lessons like how to present yourself professionally, make eye contact with people, and that it’s ok to make a mistake. The important thing is to be able to learn and grow from it. These lessons might seem like common sense but to Marleigh, who was painfully shy, these were character building skills she needs to be successful in her career after she graduates. In just the length of the Cosmetology program, she has really transformed from a student who used to submerge herself in book work to a creative, confident, (soon to be) cosmetologist!

Campus Life!

Special thanks to Cosmetology student Marleigh Gordon for designing this outstanding logo to represent the Cosmetology salon.